TV cameras roll as Sarginsons announces new contract


Sarginsons Industries announced at the beginning of 2020 that it won the contract to develop revolutionary charging points for electric vehicles – and that caught the attention of a range of media, including ITV.

Sarginsons, which traditionally supplies aluminium castings to a range of sectors including automotive and energy, is diversifying its business after becoming the sole supplier to has, over the past couple of years, developed technology which sees charging points either mounted onto lampposts or separate Charging Bollard units created that can draw from the electricity supply to lampposts.

The technology means that vehicle owners in urban areas where only on-street parking is available can access charging points for their all-electric or hybrid vehicles. is already working with a number of local authorities across the UK to fit the technology in urban streets, with Coventry being one of the first to see units installed around the city.

Sarginsons will now supply the full unit to including the aluminium castings as well as internal assembly, including the electronics.

This news caught the attention of ITV News Central which featured the story on its bulletin on Wednesday, January 8.

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