Tender opportunity


Sarginsons Industries Limited is seeking quotes for specialist foundry equipment in order to carry out an automatic de-coring process for complex aluminium castings.

The process is aluminium alloy casting using low pressure, gravity die or sand cast each with shell, cold box or 3D printed internal sand cores. The process needs to show considerable energy savings from the current oven based burn out process.




The quote needs to display complete supply and install at the site in Torrington Avenue, Coventry, with detailed post commissioning support. The supplier must also be able to provide suitable internal training schemes.

A sign off process must be achieved at the suppliers manufacturing site.

Criteria for Choosing Supplier(s)

1/ Total Cost and delivery (25%)
2/ Experience/track record (25%)
3/ Ability to meet requested equipment specification

specifically energy efficiency requirements (25%)
4/ Timescale of supply, installation & commissioning (25%)

If you are interested in quoting for this project then please email us info@sarginsons.co.uk

This tender is open from 12th March 2020 until 5pm on 27th March 2020.


This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.